At Claremont, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible experience for our families who not only want their children to learn and enjoy playing football, but also to embrace the social aspect of the club by making plenty of friends along the way.

We enjoy the support of our very generous major sponsors, both Mint Real Estate and Oswald Homes, who have made overhauling our gear and resources possible to ensure our kids have had a fantastic experience playing football over the past few years. This, combined with our current fee structure, has meant that the club does not rely on ‘shaking the tin’ or fundraising activities to help fund its operations. This means children and parents can come and enjoy themselves with little worry!

Over the past few seasons, we have made a number of changes to our fees structure and wanted to outline just what’s included, so that all families (new Tigers and old!) get an idea of where their fee money is going!

Included in the membership for Season 2018:

  • 2018 CJFC Playing Kit (ISC Jumper, shorts and socks)
  • Platinum Level Insurance Cover (the highest of the four levels offered to sporting clubs)
  • Membership for participating in the District competitions, including all associated fees and charges with ground hire, ground marking, fixturing, league employee charges etc.
  • Umpires fees (previously paid by parents on the day to the umpire are now included in the fees)
  • Externally sourced coaches for all teams Year 7 and above. In previous seasons, the parent group were asked for an additional contribution toward sourcing and funding external coaches, often of WAFL or AFL quality. The coaches fees are now included for senior teams in the fees.
  • Coaches training fees. The AFL stipulated that each coach, no matter what the year group or the previous coaching experience, must be accredited with a Level 1 Accreditation. The club will reimburse each coach that participates in the Level 1 Course which is a cost of $140 per coach.
  • In addition, Year 3 coaches must now undertake mandatory umpire training to ensure they are able to umpire games efficiently. The rules stipulate each Year 3 team must have two accredited ‘Parent-Umpires’. The club will reimburse the cost of this training program to each coach who participates.
  • The club sources a Coaching Coordinator externally. He is in charge of ensuring the operations of the club remains sound and that the standard of coaching is maintained at a high level across the board.
  • Coaches are provided with a complimentary club jacket and polo shirt for the season to wear.
  • Club training kits. Each season we top the kits up with new balls, cones and coaches resources to help improve our sides. We have also purchased higher grade coaching equipment including crazy catches, new bump/tackle bags and electronic equipment for coaching on the computer/tv.
  • Club functions. We look to have around 3 club functions a year, where the club will host it’s players and supply pizzas, hotdogs and soft drinks. This is now at the expense of the club so that players and families can come and enjoy and relax at no additional expense.
  • Team Windups. Gone are the days of 300 kids piled into the John Leckie Pavilion to listen to every single player receive their trophies. For the past three seasons, the club provides each team with an amount of money to organise a wind-up “fun day” for their players. In previous years teams’ have taken their players to AFL games, paint-balling, Adventure World or to the movies.
  • Club Yearbook and Trophy at the end of the season.
  • Access to the best facilities in the competition. CJFC ensures that our facilities are routinely cleaned and maintained to ensure that all players, parents and visiting teams enjoy the excellent facilities we have at College Park.

Thank you to our proud sponsors: